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Visual Studio Code on iPad, iOs, Android

VS Code su safari

Visual Studio Code, is one of the best things relased by Microsoft after XBox, Office 365 and Azure. VS code has been able to conquer the hearts of many developers thanks to its open source nature and to the support of any programming language thanks to the extensions. In addition, the software is available for free for Linux, Mac OSX and of course Windows. Unfortunately there is no version for iPad, Android or other systems in general outside the three mentioned above. However, there is a way to get around the problem, below I will explain how, you need just a browser.

Visual Studio Code on any platform

To have Visual Studio Code everywhere the solution is code-server. It is an Open Source project that allows you to create a VSCode server on your computer accessible through a common browser. You can use a vpn to access your server if you have a fritzbox, or rent a remote server.

VSCode su iPad

The requirements of the Host machine are a MacOSX or Linux system, support for other systems will come later according to the developers (I await the version for Raspberry Pi 4, I tried to compile it from the sources but there are still too many hitches). If you have one of the systems mentioned above, you just have to download the appropriate version from If you have an Apple computer you have to download the darwin version.

At the end of the download you just have to extract the zip file and from the terminal, in the extracted folder, type the command “./code-server –host –auth none” where obviously is the ip of your machine.

On Mac I have encountered security-related problems, the terminal returns an unauthorized message. If you should encounter this problem, the solution is simple, just go to the “Security and Privacy” settings and authorize the execution of the software locally by the terminal, as in the panel shown in the figure below.

terminal autorizzazione esecuzione software

No problems on linux, just follow the same procedure, the same command to be launched from the terminal.

You just have to direct your favorite browser to the address indicated in the command line by adding “: 8080” at the end of the IP. Happy programming, wherever you are! 😉