Ventoy, let’s create our digital Swiss Army knife


Ventoy, remember this name! As a computer repairer tool I used Hiren’s, It allowed me to have on a pendrive a series of software that saved me in many situations, from file recovery to virus scans, even when the computer’s operating system didn’t want to boot up.

Now I have discovered Ventoy. You can transform any pendrive (I recommend a stick of at least 32Gb) into a disk from which to start any operating system, you just need the ISO. Do you need to reinstall Windows 10? Copy the ISO on the stick on which you have previously installed Ventoy et voilà, on boot the computer will show you the list of operating systems to start, no strange preparations, no software such as Rufus or Unetbootin is needed. Of course you can put as many systems as you like, Linux, BSD, etc. From the boot screen you can choose what you need.

Not only iso, other formats are also supported, you can find the list on the tool’s website. Persistence is supported too, which means that changes are not lost when the system is shut down. Persistence does not work by default and not for all operating systems, you can always find the guide on the website.

Ventoy installation and updating are very simple operations, go to the website and download the installer for your system, Windows or Linux. Launch it and you will be asked which pendrive you want to use for the tool. Attention, the files on the device will be deleted! At the end of the procedure you can copy the ISO on the pendrive. For the update, however, the procedure is the same and the existing ISO will be preserved.

Last but not least advantage is that you can use the pendrive normally, copying all the files you want, and since the format is exfat you will not even have limits on the size of the single file.

List of iso on my ventoy’s pendrive: