PS4, unable to complete the download

Ps4 no download

I don’t know about you, but my Ps4 gave me some problems downloading Uncharted. At the 18Gb threshold the download stopped and returned a corrupt file error. In the end I solved it after several attempts. I think the problem is due to the latest system update 7.50. If it happened to you too, I suggest you keep reading. The good thing is that console performance has also improved.

The first attempt I made was to stop the download and start over. Nothing, the same error at 18 GB.

PS4, rebuild database

An alternative solution to the problem is to rebuild the console database. This can be compared to disk defragmentation. The process is simple and safe. With the PS4 completely turned off (attention not rest mode) keep the power button pressed until you hear a double beep, the console will start in safe-mode. At this point connect the controller and select “Rebuild Database“, confirm by pressing the x button on the controller.

The procedure will take some time, it all depends on the amount of games installed and the removal and installation operations you have performed. I also noticed a slight improvement in performance.

Change network connection

I personally solved it using an alternate connection. In my case I used the hot spot of my iPhone. After passing the critical threshold, the download went on with the connection I had previously.