Mac Mini 2018, why buy it?

Mac Mini

Mac Mini 2018, Apple as usual neglects its computers in updates. This is a disadvantage, but only if the individual components and not the entire ecosystem are taken into consideration. I’ll tell you about my experience with the small desktop of the Cupertino company.

Mac Mini at work

We took advantage of an offer of used mac mini 2018, a basic model, i3 with 128gb disk, 8Gb RAM, at € 600. I was rather sceptical about the performance of the small computer, but the conditions were excellent, practically new, also I could try it for 14 days and decide whether to keep it. The verdict? Worth every single euro spent!

The performance for office use is more than enough, the added value of the Mac Mini is Osx. There is no story with Windows or Linux. The applications are a completely different story, Mail, Preview, Calendar, etc. they are not comparable to their Windows counterparts. And if you have an iPhone or other Apple device, integration is a huge advantage, it can increase productivity in an incredible way.

A big limitation we had to face was the accounting software. Obviously available only for Windows. The solution was to use VirtualBox to run Windows 10 dedicated only to accounting software. I thought it not work with an i3 (I had already experimented with the MacBook 12 i5 with bad results), instead I changed my mind. Windows runs great, also the Mac Mini is not affected by low performance at all. You can continue to use OSX applications and keep the virtual machine active without the slightest drop in performance.

In the end we kept the Mac and if there are other offers the intention is to replace the other Windows computers.

Are you asking why not take an iMac? The Apple all-in-one still mount traditional discs, while mac mini has a very fast SSD on PCI. You can also take advantage of the USB-C / Thunderbolt ports to expand its potential indefinitely.

Mac Osx and not Linux? I think Linux is very good. I would have used the latter willingly, we have the server with an Ubuntu LTS installed. Unfortunately, the Microsoft Office suite is not available and the hardware / software integration that Apple can give is unmatched. Keep an eye on the Amazon page dedicated to Apple, sometimes there are very good offers.

Essential software on the Mac (at least for me)