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Interesting facts about Apple and its products that you certainly don’t know

Strange facts about Apple and its products there are an infinite number of them. Things hidden in the maze of operating systems, software and hardware that you wouldn’t expect to be from the Cupertino company, etc. If you want to know more, read on.

The apple logo

Apple was born on April 1, 1976. We are used to its famous apple-shaped logo with a bite, but it has not always been so. The company’s first logo was the one on the side, a young Newton under an apple tree. The current apple logo was later adopted, Jobs was shown two versions, one with a bite and one without. He chose the one with the famous bite as the other version could be confused with a cherry or worse a tomato.

hidden calendars in Mac osx

Mac OSX is a close relative of BSD, both of which derive from UNIX and share many functions with him, including easter eggs. In fact, some curious calendars are hidden in the system folders, including that of Tolkien’s saga, “The Lord of Ring“. To access the calendars, just open the terminal and type the following commands:

cd //
cat calendar.lotr

calendar.lotr is the calendar of “The lord of the rings“, you will find that the ring company leaves for the search on December 16, Frodo’s birthday is September 14 and other curiosities. Instead, typing the cat command will have the most significant dates in computer history. With cat, well, try yourself.

The mac that speaks and sings

We are used to hearing Siri’s voice now present on all devices made by the Apple. As for Apple computers, you need to know that it is able to speak with other voices than the default. To add new voices just go to the “System Preferences” and select the accessibility settings. In the left menu select “Voice” and from the drop-down menu “System voice” select last item. Here you can download other items and possibly preview them before installing them. To use them instead you have to use the “say” terminal command. Just type say -v <name of voice> and press enter. Everything you write from now on will be spoken by the Mac every time you hit enter. You should definitely try “Cellos“. You can also record voices with the command say -v cellos <text to be speak> -o filename.aiff.

The birth of iphone

A curiosity little known to most is the birth of the iPhone. Not everyone knows that the first iPhone prototype was like an iPad. When the project was proposed to Jobs, he examined it and said “why not make us a phone”. Thus the famous “project purple” was created. A handful of engineers confined to a room with very old hardware and an essential version of OS X would have brought out the phone that brought Apple to the top of the tech world. The choice of obsolete hardware was to spur the technicians to an extreme optimization of the software, the results are there for all to see. For other curiosities I recommend you read the Steve Jobs biography.

inside the macintosh secret

Attention to detail was the obsessions of the founder of Apple. Everything had to be perfect, even the things that are not seen. Whoever opened an apple device knows what I’m talking about. The aesthetics of the logic board is also taken care of including the arrangement of the chips. A lesson that Jobs learned from his adoptive father, “when you build a closet you have to take care of the back, even if you don’t see it“. When the first Macintosh was built, Steve wanted the signatures of the entire development team to be printed inside the case. If you have a Macintosh at home you can check it out.

when hp made ipod

iPod was the reference point for mp3 players, it practically gave its name to the category of mp3 players and it was the product that brought Apple over the top. The first successful product after the return of Jobs. There was a period in which the demand was so high that the Cupertino company, in order to satisfy the demand, agreed with HP for the production of the iPods. There are iPod branded HP around, if you are a collector do not miss the opportunity to get your hands on one of these jewels.

Poker Texas Hold’em by apple

Yes, there is a Texas Hold’em poker game on the App Store that is made by Apple, which is also free. The graphic quality is excellent and cared for down to the smallest details in like Apple style, this greatly affects its weight, about 1.5Gb. There is an iPhone version that an iPad.


Pippin, the game machine from Cupertino house presented in Japan and the United States between 1995 and 1996. Curiosity about the operating system, it was a modified version of Mac OSX. It was also equipped with a 66Mhz PowerPC processor. He used the CD-Rom as a support for the games. An innovative feature was network support with features like PlayStation Network and XBox Live. It was a flop, he had to clash with the consoles of the period such as PlayStation and Sega Saturn far more powerful.