Coffee, the best way to start the day


Coffee is an essential ritual for me, it would be impossible to do 8 hours of work without a good dose of caffeine. My day begins with a 2 km run just to wake up, stretching and go to work. I prefer mocha, not so much for the flavor but for the scent that invades the kitchen which help the mood of the day. Obviously, not only coffee, it also takes a lot of energy to get to lunch without the desire to bite some buddies. My typical breakfast also includes a nice cup of porridge that I purchase from The appearance is not the best, but I assure you that it is very good, especially if prepared with Greek fruit yoghurt (try blueberry or vanilla), or dark chocolate and milk. So, let’s go back to the coffee.

Coffee, mocha, pods and capsules


Versatile, compact, you can take it anywhere. You must put the mocha on a low flame (the amount of coffee powder to be used must form a small mound, do not compress the powder), when you start to hear the mumble you have to turn off, already the smell that floods the kitchen has the its relaxing effect. A high strength of this simple device is its cheapness, both as regards the tool itself, and the coffee you can use. You can choose any brand.

Capsule machine

The advantages of the capsules are speed. If you have to hurry up in the morning, an electric coffee machine is very fast. It only takes two minutes and you’re done. Another advantage is given by tastes. Macchiato, chocolate, ginseng, there are capsules of all types. The cost for coffee is around 30 cents. The cost of the machine follows the pattern of the printers. In a nutshell the machine is sold at cost price. The manufacturer gain is on the sale of the capsules. There are compatible capsules, but I do not recommend them unless they are of good brands. You must try the Cortado coffee (macchiato), delicious!

Pods machine

The pod machine is a bit more complex, larger and more expensive. The advantage is the possibility of preparing 2 cups at a time and also the cappuccino function is often present. However, it should be cleaned often, so it also requires more maintenance. The quality is comparable to the coffee in the coffee shop, but the times are similar to the mocha coffee maker as it takes at least 3-5 minutes to heat the water in the boiler (depending on the model). For some more expensive models you can also use powder coffee.

Let the day begin!