AppleTV, best friend for iPad and iPhone


AppleTV, for Steve Jobs it was a hobby, but I think it has a lot to say. In my Computer-less experience, as I have already told you I am only using iPad pro, the AppleTV is very convenient for me to have a bigger screen and to make presentation. The killer feature is AirPlay.

AppleTV, the killer feature is airplay

With airplay you can duplicate the screen of your Apple device on any screen connected to the AppleTV, so that you can take advantage of a larger display. I personally use it with iPad. When I’m at home, I use the iPad as a desktop computer using airplay and the magic keyboard is basically like having a desktop computer. In addition, with the latest iPad OS update that brings mouse and trackpad support, nothing is missing.

AppleTV is not necessarily needed to take advantage of AirPlay, many latest generation TVs support Cupertino’s streaming protocol, there are also third-party dongles that allow streaming compatible with Apple devices.

The advantage of AppleTV is the ability to install applications like an iOS device. On the dedicated store there are games, apps like Netflix or Disney +. PS4 and XBox controllers are supported. Obviously it cannot compete with these last two consoles, but I believe that Apple focuses more on users of Nintendo Switch, games for casual gamers.

A negative note that I found is the remote control, a little uncomfortable. You get used to it, but the touch is very sensitive.

Cupertino will surely present a new version of his hobby soon, we will see what direction he will give it.